Underarms: The Most Under Appreciated Body Part

Underarms are the most ignored and under appreciated body part


Earlobes: get earrings and other adornments

Lips: get lipstick, plumping procedures and kissing

Feet: get pedicures and take you where you want to go

Elbows: get moisturizer and are instrumental in arm wrestling


BUT…what about underarms??? They get tortured with sticky, waxy and overly perfumed products that leave residue each and every day and worse than that…we call our underarms  “PITS”


In my practice, many times a week, I see multitudes of rashes, growths, bumps and general unhappiness with the under arm skin. Just yesterday, I had a patient with a 2 year long rash that comes and goes causing her underarms to be red, painful, bumpy and for her, embarrassing. This can be avoided with TLC.



 (after all, they help you regulate your body temperature, which is important for your survival)

  1. Ditch your current deodorant if it leaves white residue, sticky film, or powdery gunk on your skin. Switch to Surface Deep Antiodorant Products to prevent odor without all the unnecessary chemicals and pore clogging junk that all other brands have. 
  2. Remember: sweat is intentional, odor is preventable. Meaning: your body sweats to regulate your internal thermostat. Don’t mess with it (unless of course, you have a medical condition such as hyperhidrosis). If it is odor you are trying to prevent, there is no need to block up your sweat ducts with aluminum ingredients. You can use clean ingredients to prevent “B.O”. 
  3. Reduce the incidence of razor bumps or underarm pimples by gently exfoliating the underarm skin daily. Do not over do it, this can lead to irritation. Balance is key. Surface Deep has solved this problem. Its formulation is both exfoliating yet balanced in order to achieve the optimum in skin health and beauty for your underarms.
  4. Change your razor frequently in order to achieve the best possible shaving outcome and reduce the chance of irritation and razor rashes. Also, never shave without a shave gel or shave cream or moisturizer application first. The less friction you have during shaving, the smoother the skin will be afterwards.
  5. Help minimize discoloration by treating the underarm skin with care. Following a skin care routine just as you would for your face is key. Surface Deep can help reduce skin discoloration with its proprietary and patent pending formula.
  6. Be aware that even deodorants that are considered “natural” may still cause rashes and irritation if they contain heavy perfumes, baking soda, alcohol etc.
  7. The underarm skin is very delicate and has its own preferred microbiome. It is important to respect this and only use products that maintain a neutral to slightly acidic pH. 
  8. Tiny skin growths known as “skin tags” are common in the underarm skin of adults and maybe slightly more common during pregnancy and with weight gain. They are partly due to friction from rubbing. Do not try to treat them yourself, especially if they are numerous. See a dermatologist for advice and removal.
  9. Did you know that 90% of sweat is actually odorless? It only becomes smelly due to bacterial processes. You can make the underarm skin resistant to odor by maintaining the optimal microbiome of your skin.
  10. Wishing to have smooth underarms with no hair? Talk to your dermatologist or aesthetician about the most optimal form of hair removal that is best for your own skin type. It is not “one treatment fits all”.