Ten years ago, dermatologist Alicia D. Zalka, MD had an idea.

As a dermatologist with a focus on skin health and treatment of acne, she had a unique perspective on the interaction between bacteria and human skin. Acne is the result of an imbalance of bacteria on the skin and, as is increasingly understood today, healthy functioning skin is dependent upon the levels of “good bacteria” that help to balance pH and naturally occurring flora on the skin surface. And odor? Well, odor is caused by bacteria on the skin – bacteria that thrives in an ideal environment: the combination of oil secreted by the body through the pores and moist, warm air.

Everything Dr. Zalka had learned through her
 patient observations told her that neutralizing bacteria-causing odor could prevent the odor from developing in the first place. In her dermatology treatments, there was a single, powerful ingredient that would achieve that result: Alpha Hydroxy Acid, and specifically, the most potent of the AHAs, Glycolic Acid. The application of AHA on the body, in areas such as the armpits, would create a safer, more effective and longer-lasting deodorant.

For ten years, Dr. Zalka has shared her
 “anti-odorizing” innovation with patients, friends
 and family alike. With Surface Deep, she’s bringing it to consumers everywhere.

Surface Deep is re-imagining the way you’ve always treated odor by creating a new, surprising and effective way to safely “anti-odorize” the body through potent AHAs that naturally prevent

odor-causing bacteria and allow the skin to function unimpeded as naturally intended.

Surface Deep. The safer, more effective and

longer-lasting alternative to deodorant. It’s AHA
 anti-odorizing innovation ten years in the making.