Deodorant Wipes For Your Best Natural Body Refresh

Your daily routine needs a quick refresh. During a hectic day who doesn't notice a little unwanted body odor at the worst possible time? Just like you keep gum or mints in your bag to tackle bad breath moments, you can keep deodorant wipes with you for the easiest, odor-targeting application method. Body wipes take the place of a hot shower when you need it most, so you can get on with the rest of the day... odor free. Post-workout routine, going out with friends after a long day, deodorant wipes provide a clean sweep for the skin and are the perfect solution in a pinch. This is so important if you place priority on feeling clean, fresh and smelling your best. 

Whether for everyday use or just when you need a natural deodorant swipe for a long flight, check out deodorant wipes which just may offer you the quickest "shower" possible in a convenient pad format.

How To Choose The Best Deodorant Wipes For Daily Use Or For Just-In-Case Moments:

It helps to understand why body odor occurs in the first place. Even after your entire body started off clean early in the day, odor happens.  Showers and regular deodorant in the morning alone may not keep odor away all day long.
Body odors are the result of odor-causing bacteria. No matter how well you shower or take a sponge bath, there are specific conditions such as alteration in skin pH or lack of airflow to the skin, that invites some bacteria,  like underarm dwelling staphylococcus hominis,  to proliferate on the skin. Some body parts are more prone to these sulfa producing breakdown products of bacteria that your nose perceives as stinky (think locker room odor). So, to get rid of odor on the skin,  kill all the bacteria, right?  No.

The delicate skin, especially where we find most odor, in skin folds, relies on its resident bacteria, aka commensal or symbionts  to maintain the healthy microbiome which in turn keeps the skin at its “barrier function best”.  So, it is all about finding wipes or pads that really work and also boast skin friendly ingredient lists. Look for things like aloe, post biotic ferments and essential oils in the ingredients.
When you’re  choosing a deodorant wipe look for a product that can be used on sensitive skin areas while being strong enough to tackle odor. You think body odor, you think you need to banish sweat. But think again. Do you need all the chemicals? Read on.

Sweat production alone may not be the root cause of smelly parts. In fact, sweat actually contains sebum that keeps the skin pH at a slightly acidic set point which helps prevent the bacteria driven odors. However, it is true that retained moisture like what happens as a result of tight occlusive clothing on a hot day trapping sweat, not only doesn't feel great, but can also  invite body odor.  The wetness thing is why you may look for antiperspirant instead of natural deodorant. What is the difference? For sweat blocking, and keeping dry it is antiperspirant you want and for masking odor, it is deodorant you want.

…. Check this out: There is also Anti-Odorant which prevents body odor without blocking sweat and without masking perfume.

Regular antiperspirant contains the active ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate or other aluminum compounds which form physical plugs which block sweat ducts and prevent moisture from getting to the skin surface. Choose antiperspirant wipes that are targeted to block sweat if wetness is more your concern than odor is. If you suffer from excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, see your dermatologist for evaluation and treatment. Odors are most common in the moist parts of the body, such as private parts, groin area and of course, armpits. But sweat alone is not to blame. Still, if you wish to keep dry, look for antiperspirant wipes. 


On A Hot Day It Boils Down To This…

If you don't mind some moisture in the form of sweat, and want products with less potentially harmful ingredients, look for deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Allow yourself to sweat normally while keeping your body odor free. After all, sweat is intentional, a bodily function, but odor is preventable, a problem easily solved  (for most). 

Choose a deodorant wipe instead of an antiperspirant wipe if you are looking for fewer chemicals and want to feel fresh, clean and odor free in an instant.
The ease of use of a deodorant pad in place of a shower (without using water or soap) is a great choice when you are on the go. Swipe pad to your smelly spots and that’s it.

Look For The Perfect Deodorant Wipe With These Features:


  • ​Contains glycolic acid which works deep in the skin to prevent odor and also brighten skin
  • Dermatologist Invented
  • Post biotics to keep skin soothed
  • Has no artificial fragrances
  • Is good for sensitive skin
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Baking soda free
  • Aluminum free
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty free
  • No sticky residue


Your Best Wipe That Checks All These Boxes?

Glycolic acid based, patented Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Pads wipe away unwanted skin debris and help maintain the skin’s slightly acid pH, while being gentle to skin with its saccharomyces ferment filtrate. Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Wipes are just what you want to keep you clean, residue free, perfume free and smelling like you (the fresh you) all day. Plus they are individually wrapped for the easiest portability.


Why a wipe instead of a natural dry spray or a stick or roll-on deodorant or deodorant sprays?


  • Great for a back back, gym bag, individually wrapped Surface Deep Anti Odorant Pads even slip into your wallet or cell phone case! 
  • Our pads are cruelty-free, aluminum-free, added fragrance free, biodegradable and proven to last all day with no skin irritation.
  • You can be ready for hot days, long workouts or stressful meetings and quickly be free of body odor. Anyplace, Anytime.


*Not intended to be medical advice or treatment and does not take the place of medical evaluation or treatment from your doctor.