Deodorant Wipes

They offer convenience, they offer no-mess alternatives but do they offer odor control? Deodorant wipes are becoming more popular and much loved. Along with the most common type of deodorant in a stick form, you can find sprays, lotions, creams and now wipes for your daily body odor battle. You can use them for underarms and now you’ll find full body wipes in large sheets and towelettes to use all over the body. But do they offer the same protection as traditional antiperspirants and deodorants? Read this before you proceed to checkout.

Are you looking for antiperspirant or deodorant? What is the difference?

Antiperspirant is your choice if you want to minimize sweating.

Aluminum salts block sweat by creating a temporary plug in the opening of the sweat ducts of our skin. Aluminum (in its various forms, the FDA has approved 18 different types, such as aluminum chlorohydrate) is the active ingredient in antiperspirants. This is what to use if you sweat too much. How much is too much is somewhat subjective. Perspiration should actually be welcomed, as sweat production and secretion is an important temperature regulating function of our bodies. However, we all know that it feels uncomfortable to be overly sweaty/damp and feel unclean. Then there is the smell we worry about. Antiperspirants keep the skin drier and can reduce both too much moisture on the skin and inhibit odor from forming (as odor finds its way to the damp areas of the skin, so less moisture often translates to less odor) In addition, antiperspirants typically contain fragrance that also keeps the skin surface smelling like the scent you’ve chosen and helps camouflage odors. You can find aluminum containing antiperspirant wipes which will help keep you dry. There are over the counter brands like Carpe Wipes and there are even prescription wipes, Qbrexa, that your dermatologist can prescribe if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which sweating excessively is a medical concern.
Pro: Aluminum containing antiperspirants keep skin drier than those products without aluminum.
Con: The chemical composition can be irritating, drying and some fear using daily aluminum on their skin may have health risks (but this has not been fully substantiated or refuted as a health concern?)


Deodorant is your choice if you want less odor and less chemicals.

For many, limiting the presence of unnecessary chemicals in the products they use is paramount. This is why natural deodorants have gained great popularity. Natural deodorants are an aluminum free option. Deodorants that do not contain aluminum are different from antiperspirants as these do not dry the skin or plug the sweat ducts. They may contain other ingredients to keep the skin drier without using aluminum and may have essential oils, aloe or other soothing or moisturizing properties.

Pro: Deodorants smell nice and rely on more natural ingredients, many have no aluminum and may be better tolerated by people with sensitive skin. Better if concerned about potential health risks.

Con: Deodorants may not work as well as products containing more chemical ingredients and the perfume may be overwhelming. Natural does not always mean no risk of irritation to the skin.


Anti-Odorant is your choice if you want to avoid harsh chemicals, smell and feel clean and prevent odor by supporting the microbiome

Anti-Odorant is the name I came up with to describe a product that does not block pores like antiperspirants do and does not simply mask odor with perfumes like deodorant. It is a whole new category. Surface Deep Anti-Odorant is an innovation in body odor prevention that harnesses the power of glycolic acid and the balancing nature of post biotic ferments to protect the skin’s barrier function and microbiome to help it resist odor at its source. I believe, as a dermatologist, that sweat is intentional and odor is preventable. You can sweat as nature intended, without the smell. So I founded the brand.

Pro: Anti odorant keeps odors away without perfumes or aluminum. It is safe for sensitive skin and it actually works.

Con: Anti odorant will not block sweat. Not a choice for hyperhidrosis or too much sweating or undesirable dampness.


What about natural deodorant wipes?

Now that you have chosen to use an anti odorant, antiperspirant or a deodorant, it is time to consider if wipes/pads are for you. Will you replace your beloved deodorant stick with pads? There are lots of advantages to wipes, which is why my brand, Surface Deep, launched its first product as a cleansing pad. In my research it became clear that the pads or wipes offered a cleansing and gently exfoliating feature that allows you to swipe off dirt, oils, dead skin cells and offers a clean feel. There are other super favorable features of using a wipe as your odor prevention tool. A wipe has many uses such as for armpits or feminine wipes or a whole body wipe. By both cleansing the skin and depositing its odor preventing ingredient (be it with a fragrance, citric acid, glycolic acid or aluminum) it removes odor while removing gunk from the skin surface. When choosing your product check with your physician, as not all deodorant wipes are recommended for the genital skin.


The power of pads. Why are deodorant wipes a great choice?

Surface Deep’s first launch of our innovative natural deodorant, or as we named it anti-odorant, was in the form of a pad. Why? Because applying an odor fighting product with the ease of a wipe, offers key benefits. Sticks and roll on-type deodorants tend to feel sticky and leave chalky white residue. They do not leave a clean feel to the skin like pads or wipes can. Some brands offer cleansing cloths or body sheets to mimic the feel of taking a shower without water. This is such a welcome choice when your workouts are scheduled too close to your next important appointment and you need to smell and feel clean in a hurry, when a shower is not an option. So wipe away the odor. You will find it a great new approach to your daily routine.


There are so many advantages to Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Pads... we had to make a list:

  • Individually wrapped pads. Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Pads can slip into your pocket or wallet and be carried anywhere. They are unnoticeably discreet yet powerful.
  • Our biodegradable pads are better for the planet than an aerosol can or a plastic container.
  • Cruelty free is the brand’s commitment, Surface Deep Anti-Odorant Pads are Leaping Bunny Certified.
  • Cleansing wipes offer a quick and tidy way to refresh the underarms, sports bra area, skin folds, feet, between toes, belly button, thigh crease, abdominal folds and buttocks.
  • Pads are gently exfoliating which means they remove oils, dirt, spent skin cells from the surface keeping skin smooth while helping to prevent clogged pores and pimples.
  • Great for hot days in the summer or in warm climates when a thick, waxy layer of natural deodorant or chemical laden antiperspirant is not welcome.
  • Surface Deep Pads are free of sulfates, phthalates, parfum, parabens, baking soda and are always aluminum free.
  • Anti-Odorant prevents odor for all skin types, neutralizes the pH and are made with natural ingredients. These individually wrapped wipes are board certified dermatologist developed.