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  • Blocks Odor, Not Pores

    Removes odor-causing bacteria with the power of Glycolic Acid
  • Nourishes + Balances

    Infuses your underarms with natural ingredients and probiotics
  • Brightens + Restores Even Skin Tones

    Gently exfoliates and helps with uncomfy ingrowns
  • Soothes + Softens

    All-natural, non-irritating ingredients to condition your skin
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Dermatologist Developed

Dr. Alicia Zalka developed Surface Deep’s patented Anti-Odorant Pads as an all-day solution to underarm odor that also cleanses, calms, and supports the skin.

The Numbers are In

91% stayed odor free all day
100% didn't feel sensitivity
Results achieved in an independent
consumer perception test

Got questions? We have answers

Fruit-based Glycolic Acid removes odor-causing bacteria from the skin’s surface:

  • Breaks-up dead cells at the surface of the skin, removing trapped sebum oils to neutralize and inhibit the bacteria that causes odor.
  • Lowers the skin’s pH, creating a cleaner environment so odor-causing bacteria cannot flourish
  • Helps restore the skin’s naturally acidic protective coating

Lactobacillus promotes the presence of “GOOD” bacteria on the skin’s surface:

  • Balances the skin’s microbiome, which aids in the prevention of cell breakdown and odor-causing “bad bacteria”
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing irritation
  • Re-sets the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome

Surface Deep Anti-Odorant is patented and features a proprietary formulation based on the dynamic powers of glycolic acid, a fruit-based substance that has natural sebum-control and exfoliation properties to neutralize and inhibit bacteria-causing odor.

The formulation also has skin-soothing and antioxidant-rich ingredients including probiotics, fruit extracts, and aloe to cleanse, calm, and support the skin. In an independent consumer perception test, 91% of the subjects stayed odor free all day and 100% did not experience sensitivity.

Surface Deep Anti-Odorant is 100% vegan.

Surface Deep is committed to clean, cruelty-free skin care and environmental responsibility. Unlike other pads made with polypropylene fibers, Surface Deep Anti-Odorant pads are 100% biodegradable.

The pads are packaged in a compostable pouch eliminating wasteful plastic tubes and bulky packaging. And with no chalky residue like other deodorants, there’s less dry cleaning.

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