What is Anti-Odorant?


This is best explained by what it ISN’T:

 “Anti-Odorant” was coined to represent the innovative odor preventing patent pending Surface Deep formula.

Not an antiperspirant: It does not clog your skin so you cannot sweat.

Not a deodorant: It does not mask with perfumes.

It is a truly unique CLEAN way to prevent odor that BLOCKS ODOR NOT PORES.

My team and I launched Surface Deep Anti-Odorant with great enthusiasm based on clinical testing results and truly excited about the way in which BHAs and AHAs can prevent the source of odor. These key ingredients, when used in the proper balance, prevent odor without blocking pores or covering up or masking odor with perfumes.

AHA and BHA’s are acidic compounds. By keeping the skin at an optimal, slightly acidic ph, bacteria, the root cause of odor on skin surfaces is impeded. Beyond this, AHAs and BHAs also help reduce some of the oils found in certain parts of the body. These oils, when in the presence of bacteria and dead skin cells, allow odor-causing bacteria to flourish. This is all a balance. It is not desirable or healthy for skin to entirely deplete bacteria nor is it safe to over “strip” the skin with acidic product. Formula is key.

Surface Deep is first to market with such a product. Our spray or biodegradable pad application ensures that no residue is left on the skin or on your clothes. Our Anti-Odorant formula is a cleansing form of preventing odor, not a layering or depositing stick or roll on. 

So you smell like you -- minus the body odor.