An innovation in deodorant

Wipe away underarm odors with Surface Deep natural Anti-Odorant Pads. Try them risk-free with a 7-day trial.

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An innovation in deodorant An innovation in deodorant

Why Surface Deep?

Blocks Odors, Not Pores Powered by fruit-based glycolic acid and infused with probiotics to balance the skin's microbiome and prevent odor causing bacteria.

Travel-Friendly Individually wrapped pads for easy grab-and-go use also save you from reapplying any dirt or bacteria left behind previously.

All-Natural Surface Deep pads are unscented and free from aluminum, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, silicone, baking soda, PEG and artificial fragrance.

Dermatologist Developed

Dr. Alicia Zalka developed Surface Deep’s patent-pending Anti-Odorant Pads as an all-day solution to underarm odor that also cleanses, calms, and supports the skin.

The Numbers are In

91%stayed odor free all day
100%didn't feel sensitivity
Results achieved in an independent consumer perception test

Got questions? We have answers

Fruit-based Glycolic Acid removes “BAD” bacteria from the skin’s surface:

  • Breaks-up dead cells at the surface of the skin, removing trapped sebum oils to neutralize and inhibit the bacteria that causes odor.
  • Lowers the skin’s pH, creating a cleaner environment so odor-causing bacteria cannot flourish
  • Helps restore the skin’s naturally acidic protective coating

Lactobacillus promotes the presence of “GOOD” bacteria on the skin’s surface:

  • Balances the skin’s microbiome, which aids in the prevention of cell breakdown and odor-causing “bad bacteria”
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing irritation
  • Re-sets the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome

Surface Deep Anti-Odorant is patent-pending and features a proprietary formulation based on the dynamic powers of glycolic acid, a fruit-based substance that has natural sebum-control and exfoliation properties to neutralize and inhibit bacteria-causing odor.

The formulation also has skin-soothing and antioxidant-rich ingredients including probiotics, fruit extracts, and aloe to cleanse, calm, and support the skin. In an independent consumer perception test, 91% of the subjects stayed odor free all day and 100% did not experience sensitivity.

Surface Deep Anti-Odorant is 100% vegan.

Surface Deep is committed to clean, cruelty-free skin care and environmental responsibility. Unlike other pads made with polypropylene fibers, Surface Deep Anti-Odorant pads are 100% biodegradable.

The pads are packaged in a recyclable box with a water-based coating and printed with soy ink, eliminating wasteful plastic tubes and bulky packaging. And with no chalky residue like other deodorants, there’s less dry cleaning.

Everyone sweats, but smelling is optional.

Start your 7-day trial and smell the difference.

Just cover $4.95 in shipping + handling.

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